Ever hear about someone’s endeavors and think ‘How cool!’ or ‘I could never do that!’?  I was never a runner.  As a matter of fact, I found it uncomfortable, hard and unpleasant.  I figured I just didn’t have the body for it – chronic shin splints, painful bunion . . . A year or two after I moved to San Francisco, I became good friends with a guy who clearly had less of a ‘running body’ than I and at the time he was training for a marathon.  Not only was he training for it, he was loving training for it.  Slowly, over the course of his training my thinking shifted from “I could never do that. . .I’d never want to do that,” to “what a cool accomplishment that would be.  Maybe I could do it.”  Eventually, I figured why not try and with his encouragement, as well as encouragement from others, I successfully completed my first marathon.  I have since completed another marathon, multiple olympic distance and half ironman distance triathlons and one ironman.  These are among the accomplishments I am most proud of in my life and had it not been for a friend suggesting that I could do it too, I might never have even considered any of it.
So, when you tell your friends about the things you are doing at FIT, and they look at you like your crazy or say something like, “I could never do that.”  Look them in the eye, tell them they can and convince them to join you for a work out so they can see for themselves what’s bringing you so much satisfaction.  Bring-a-Friend days are February 23-25th.  Reserve a time for you and a friend today!