It is a well known fact that alcohol decreases your inhibitions and I have to admit, I fell prey.  All has been going well, I’d successfully navigated dinners out, childrens birthday parties and my life in general without feeling deprived or unsettled.  Had friends over for dinner on Friday night and served fresh baked challah, pulled pork, salad, black beans and rice.  I was perfectly fine with the pulled pork, salad and a single bite of challah – the rest enjoyed the meal in full.  The problem came after consuming a few glasses of wine.  Each child had been given a small homemade chocolate chip cookie (yep, even managed the baking of those without feeling the need to help myself to a spoonful of dough:)) – Emma didn’t eat hers and it just sat there at the table calling out to me.  I barely put up a fight, ate the cookie and chose not to feel bad about it.  This is life, it involves being strong and being weak with both being okay so long as they are appropriately weighted.  Was it worth it?  There was no negative consequence and it didn’t change my resolve to follow this program for some 40+ more days.  Having said that, it also didn’t do anything for me either.
breakfast most days: eggs/bacon/avocado (in varying combinations)
lunch: meats and veg
snacks: fruit, nuts, seeds
dinner: meat, salad, veg
fave ‘creations’ of the week:
Pan fried Halibut: dipped in egg, ‘breaded’ with coconut flour, curry powder and cumin, pan fried in canola
Cajun Chicken: 1/2 thick chicken breast, ‘breaded’ in almond flour and cajun seasoning, pan fried in rendered bacon fat