Client of the Month: Judy Madrigal
Age: 59
FIT Family Member since: 6/30/2009
Goals: Increase strength and energy while losing body fat
1. Activities of daily living are easier, such as walking up stairs and getting up and down from the floor
2. Down 1 dress size!
3. Increase energy level
Likes: Body row on the rings
Dislikes: Dumbbell thrusters
PR 500m Row: 2:37, 90 Watts
PR Chin-Ups: Assisted #17 x4 reps
Key’s to success from Coach Karen Moreno:
The key to Judy’s success is a positive attitude.  The first day Judy came in, she made it very clear she did not enjoy exercising. Since that first day, I have seen Judy not only excel in her exercise sessions, but greet each session with a smile and a “Can Do’ attitude.  It has been a pleasure working with Judy and I look forward to seeing her continued success.
Key’s to success in Judy’s words:
When I joined FIT 6 months ago I weighed in at 165 pounds (I am 5’3”) I could not climb a flight of steps without being winded, nor could I bend down and pick up something from the floor.  My level of fitness was probably that of someone significantly older.  It is hard for me to describe how much better I feel after working with Karen.  She has pushed me to do an exercise routine that is never boring or punishing, but just the right level to keep me interested and coming back.  I even added a day because it helped me to perform my daily life functions so much more efficiently.  I feel I finally have my life back.