Encountered a few predictable challenges over the past couple of days – a typical day with my 2 year old (read not much thought given to my needs), cravings for comfort food and dinner out.  In terms of a typical day, we were out of the house but no where that I have ‘food stores’ so I found myself hungry and without a paleo option.  So, from now on, my car will be stocked with paleokits (now for sale at FIT) or something like them so I don’t find myself in that predicament again.  The comfort food craving is interesting to be conscious of – I had a tough morning with my 2 and 4 year old and kept thinking how good my nonfat vanilla latte would taste (I refer to the first sip as my ‘calgon moment’ of the day for those that are old enough to recall the “Calgon, take me away” campaign) or how much I’d enjoy a pumpkin scone.  As an alternative, I thoroughly enjoyed my trail mix a bit later in the morning and it didn’t satisfy the sweet/crunchy craving which was encouraging.  Dinner was pretty easy.  Have to admit that I stared down the bread basket on more than one occasion but it never got the better of me.  I think I was probably interested in eating it out of habit or more to have something to do than because I really wanted it.  On a positive note, it does feel good to have a reason not to eat junky stuff I wasn’t paying much attention to prior – a bite of Emma’s muffin, the remainder of her chocolate milk . . .things I wouldn’t purchase for myself but seeing as it’s there, wasn’t as mindful of choosing it.  I am nervous about the weekend as there’s less structure to those days, we have our holiday party on Saturday, taking 2 kids to the hockey game who will be having treats, plus its a long one as my kids are off from school on Monday and Tuesday, so tonight I’m going to put together my plan for the weekend and hope it’s super easy to stick with.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
Day 3:
Bacon and Eggs
Americano+raw milk
Satsuma orange
nuts, seeds, dried fruit
raw pepper and cauliflower
chicken and cauliflower mash
nuts, seeds, dried fruit
skirt steak and cauliflower mash
Day 4:
scrabled eggs
roasted veg: red onion, eggplant, zucchini, 2 pieces butternut squash (yum:))
nuts, seeds, dried fruit
Medium Paleo Kit
1/2 apple
ahi sashimi
new york steak + sauteed green beans