The things we say in the heat of the moment can often get is in trouble so it’s not surprise that I’m looking back on a back room conversation wondering what I was thinking. Here’s the back story, we are a group of trainers with shared passion but we’re not always in agreement. For years now we have tried to come up with a nutritional philosophy that we could all get on board with as FIT’s recommendation for clients – current stand out for overall health benefit as well as weight loss is the Paleolithic Diet or Paleo. Two of the 4 of the trainers in on the conversation currently adhere to the Paleo diet, the other 2 of us, Jimmy and myself, don’t. The gauntlet was thrown – “I’d bet after 60 days you’d feel better, look better and perform better.” Never ones to back down from a challenge, the next thing you know, Jimmy and I took the bet – each with our own litany of objections and concerns which we felt are likely very similar to those that our clients would express. So, the plan is that starting today, Monday, January 11, we will both independently blog about our diet, experiences, likes and dislikes.  Your thoughts, questions and encouragement are welcome.
My starting point:
I cannot imagine my life without dairy and sugar. I am a mother of 2 small children so convenience is key. My diet does not remotely resemble the one I’ll be adhering to starting today.  I’m currently weigh 126 lb.   I’d like to be stronger and faster.
A sample day:
Few handfuls of cereal and maybe a few bites of one or the other child’s left over breakfast
Grand vanilla nonfat latte
bagel with turkey, cheese and a little bit of mayo
oh yeah chocolate protein bar
5ish oz of lean protein (salmon, grassfed beef, chicken)+salad and/or steamed veggie.
so, I’m good on dinner and that’s pretty much it.
Having said all that, I’m excited about the undertaking and will keep you posted.