Where to start… We have many conversations in the back office at FIT about work, training, life, and nutrition.  My philosophy about nutrition has always been that I can out work and out train any and all of my poor eating habits.  But in this industry, and frankly in life, you can’t just talk the talk.  Your actions define you.  So, with a little shove from my friends and the desire to improve my health, my performance and my life, I’ve taken on the challenge to eat using the Paleo Diet for 60 days.
 While I’m excited for a challenge, I have a few reservations.  Culturally I eat a lot of corn, beans and rice.  As you know that is not part of the diet, so Sunday dinners at Mom’s house will have to be modified.  I’m also worried about weekends and eating out.  All the free bread, chips and salsa, etc. will have to be out.   But I’m determined and I will succeed, especially since I’ll be recording my journey and be held accountable by you.  Just a couple of stats before beginning.  I weigh 175lbs and my Baseline time is 4:10. Wish me luck.