I heard a story over the weekend that warmed my heart.  An elderly women living in a retirement community was being moved to a different room.  As the aid and the women slowly made their way down the hallway, the aid described the new room. The women smiled warmly, nodded her head, and said, “It’s perfect.”  The aid looked a little surprised and exclaimed “but you haven’t seen it yet.”  The women smiled again, looked at the aid, and said, “It became my home the moment I knew I would be changing locations.  A home is what you make it.  My attitude is more important than the room itself; with a positive attitude you can create a happy home.”
When I heard this story, tears filled my eyes, my heart softened, and a slow smile crossed my face.  “A home is what you make it”.  How true these words are.  I started thinking about how attitude can make a difference in everything I do, from working, to exercising, and even celebrating the holidays.  There have been years when the holidays were filled with stress, fatigue, and even dread.  This year my touchstone will be “the holidays are what you make them”.  When things are not going as planned, I am going stop, breath deeply, and remember that I have the power to create a happy experience with a positive attitude.
I  wish everyone a warm, happy, and positive holiday season.