The conversation goes something like this, “I’m trying to lose weight. I think my diet is generally pretty good, I’m exercising at least 2x/week at moderate intensity but I’m not losing weight. What can I do?” This is a direct quote from hundreds, probably thousands, of sources on a daily basis. Macronutrient (carbs, protein, fat) targets are recommended. Percentages from specific sources are encourage (90% fats from unsaturated sources; 60% carbs from veggies . . .that kind of thing).
The conversation continues . . . “I have neither the time nor the inclination to weigh, measure and journal my food. These recommendations don’t offer me the solution I need.” Simple answer, look for the remaining excesses in your diet (salad dressing, cheese, bread on your sandwich . . .the list goes on and on) and cut them out/replace them with something that fits better – unsaturated oil for dressing (olive oil, sesame oil) in limited quantity or no dressing; fruit with breakfast or as dessert; veggies, preferably those with low glycemic index, for snack (buy prewashed/cut). Exercise: increase frequency, increase duration on some days, increase intensity on other days. Consistency and variety in both diet and exercise are the key to success.
The conversation ends . . . “Doesn’t sound like much fun.” Answer, “Fun is having the body you want, not something you eat.”