Trevor Hash

Growing up in the house of an elite level basketball coach/ athletic director meant that Trevor was raised on sports. He played both collegiate level football and basketball, but was forced into early retirement due to injury. Not being able to play competitive sports allowed him to discover his passion for training and helping others leading to a shift in focus from becoming an engineer to pursuing a career in human performance and exercise science.

Attaining his certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and USA Weightlifting and earning his degree in Kinesiology: Physiology of Fitness and Health, provided Trevor with additional tools to ensure his efficacy when training clients. In addition to training private clients, Trevor has also worked as a sports performance/ strength and conditioning coach at Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, a highly competitive school in San Francisco. He plans to continue his education with a Masters in Exercise Science.

Trevor’s guiding tenant is that lifestyle changes need to be progressive and permanent. Short term goals are essential, but long term success in performance, confidence, and wellbeing is the overarching objective. For this reason, Trevor aims to make training to be an enjoyable experience; if you are having fun, you are more likely to continue your journey, and there is nothing more fun than making progress and achieving goals.

Trevor’s athletic endeavors now center around powerlifting and athletic performance. Being from Humboldt County centered in the redwood forest, Trevor loves the outdoors. “I tried living in the city and it just wasn’t for me. I need to be able to walk out my door and within a few minutes be surrounded by nature and my own thoughts.” In his personal time he enjoys playing recreational sports, hiking, reading, and enjoying the company of friends a family.

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