Individual Training

Receive a program that is designed based on your needs and implemented to suit your abilities.

1 on 1
You will receive your trainers undivided attention while focusing on your goals.  Your program will be comprised of evidence based exercise prescription adapted to meet your individual needs.  Your trainer will instruct, motivate and correct you every step of the way in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of your training.

2 on 1
Train with someone you know or have us select a workout partner for you.  Your trainer will devise a program to meet the needs and goals of both participants in a motivational and supportive environment.  Along with the trainer’s expertise, partners support and motivate each other throughout the session.

3 on 1
Training in a small group enhances the feeling of comraderie and friendly competition, making your workouts fun and effective.  The program is designed to suit all members of the group with attention paid to safety and the specific needs of each individual.

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